Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Snowy Wednesday

Snow-Snow-Snow & More Snow!
No snow in the forecast today-but last Wednesday-WOW-18 inches on top of the 20 inches from the weekend before. We no sooner dug out from the first storm-when we were gifted with a second BIG snow. The second storm had near blizzard conditions by mid-day Wednesday. All major highways were closed. I dug a path out to my fishpond to check on their heater & air stone. After that we hunkered down, lit the fireplace & watched it snow! I baked cookies for Valentine’s Day - my grandma’s Sand Tart recipe, which you can find in my Recipes on the right side tab. They are delicious & fast disappearing-unlike the snow!
Our temps here in Central PA are only to be in the 30’s with teens and twenty’s at night-brrrrr! Time to snuggle up to a warm hubby & cozy cat. Mother Nature freshened up the scenery Tuesday afternoon & evening with a light dusting of about one inch. Thankfully-nothing to shovel.

So I am out-and-about today! The roads are clear, even if the sidewalks & parking areas are not. So happy Outdoor Wednesday wherever you are!

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Snowy lane beside our house.

A snow garden.

The patio from my bedroom window.

The side yard from the attic window.

It's a blizzard out there.

Somewhere under there is my car!

Trumpet vine arch in the side yard.

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Mary said...

I live in an area where there is little snow, so I find your pictures very beautiful. It also sounds as though you enjoyed being housebound for a little while. You made it all sound so very cozy :-). Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary