Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Mental Health Day

Ok, so I was supposed to be working but alas the fabric store was having a half-off sale-how could I say no!?! I have a sweet little French caned chair that is in dire need of a frouffy down cushion. I want to make-over my livingroom & this is a simple & inexpensive jumping-off point. So needless to say one of my favorite antique shops is right next to the fabric store which is right up the road from the pastry shop-it just kept snowballing! I bought a delicate little ribbon style fabric & a linen check-not sure if either will cushion the chair or just become cushions! I finished my afternoon off with a cappuccino & French pastry-naturally! But I behaved at the antique shop & didn't buy a thing-but tomorrow I go thrifting so maybe something will turn up!

I am parting with some of my transferware collection. As my husband says, I cannot keep it all. I have been sifting through the totes in the attic and have added some to my website. I have been collecting since I was ten-mostly blue but I have yellow, green, brown, mulberry, lavender, pink, red & bi-color. My most unusual is the yellow/brown bi-color. It is a Ridgway,one of my favorite manufacturer's. Yellow is a rare color. I have only ever found one in all my year's of collecting. I started my obsession at our local flea market. At the time you could find pieces for under a dollar especially if they had a chip or crack. A few years ago I bought a red & black plate for four dollars that I sold for over a hundred. Alas, those deals are few & far between. When I first started buying dishes I knew very little about them. I bought several books which have become well-worn reference books. One is Romantic Staffordshire Ceramics by Jeffrey B. Snyder. It is a handy guide for identifying many popular patterns & manufacturers.

This one is also a Ridgway, polychrome-(multi-color transfer) plate as is the green/brown & yellow/brown.
I have them everywhere throughout the house. I change them with my mood & color-scheme. I have also passed this "bug" to my neighbor. Beware-it is quite contagious, often spreading to other family members & friends! My neighbor's partial to lavender-my cousin to green! With all the varieties out there-the possibilities are endless!

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