Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thrifty Thursday-A Cache of Treasures

Thrifty Thursday -head on over to Bloggaritaville to check out the bargains!

Being self-employed paychecks don’t arrive on a normal schedule. Sometimes it is “feast or famine), so I have learned to look for treasures in all avenues to fuel my shopping passion. My mom is my “junking” buddy. She is 84 years young and still can shop with the best of them.

I just have to show off a few of my favorite junking buys! The first is this fabulous red & mustard tole cachepot. I bought it at a Salvation Army thinking it was a knock-off made in China, but it was pretty, so for $3.99 it was a deal. When I got it home and cleaned it up, I was pleased to find in neat black script on the bottom, Made in France. The Francophile in me was thrilled! It now graces the table in my family room. I filled it with pears, but will change it with the season. Maybe someday I will use it for an arrangement.
The second is this Mason’s aqua jug. I bought it to sell, but it has not made it to the co-op just yet. I am still enjoying it. Thrift find, it also cost a whopping $3.99.

On a $3.99 roll, my mom bought me this fabulous antique reproduction sheep at Goodwill.
I also found a Crate & Barrel tablecloth and matching ten napkins for $10.00. It is a jacquard fruit print in my favorite shade of mustard.

I am just crazy for mustard right now! I bought this clock-(originally from Target in original box) at a thrift store for $9.99. Sold “As Is”, I just had to tighten the hands, pop in some batteries and it works great.

The first yard sale of the season is coming up Saturday. It will be a little chilly, but I’ll fill my thermos with some nice hot English Breakfast tea and be off at the crack of dawn. (I’ll probably make it home before my husband has his first cup of coffee), loot-(I hope!) in tow. Last year I found a huge, wicker peacock chair for $10.00. It has become my favorite place to read on my front porch.

Happy thrifting everyone!


xinex said...

Hi Kate! Your finds are just wonderful and they definitely do not look like junks!...Christine

Marie Anne said...

Beautiful finds at wonderful bargains - thanks for sharing!

ann said...

I liked to have never found where to leave comments.I wonder if anyone else has the same problem?great finds.You're like me,You're dead serious with your thrifting.ha...Ann

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Hey! I figured out comments finally too. It seems that your comment link is also the same color as your backgroud so it couldnt been seen. I only saw it when I highlighted the post and saw it.
Anyway....I LOVEd this post! I cannot belive you got that French cachepot for $3.99. What a steal! And authentic! Awesome!

I love the clock! I was looking at similar clocks today at Old Time POttery. I love the one you picked up.

That vase, I love the curves, so femine. I would have a hard time parting with it too.

And the lamb...I AM IN LOVE. If you ever want to put him up for adoption, let me know. He is the sweetest thing.

Your mother is adorbale. Cute as can be. I commend her for enthusiasm. I will bet it keeps her young, staying on the go and looking. She is just a doll.

Thanks for particpating in thrifty Thursday! I signed on as a follower. I love your blog!!


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Keetha said...

I think my favorite is that cachepot. It's great!