Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Three or More

It wasn’t hard to decide the theme of my first “Three or More Tuesday” as one of the participants has made himself cozy on my bed while I am supposed to be working in my office just off the master bedroom. As he is so cute, I couldn’t say no, so he is happily purring away snug in the comforter while it continues to drizzle outside my window. Micky is one of our three cats. He is a very sweet orange tiger who was first a stray, then a shelter cat and now king of the roost-(or so he thinks).
His little brother, Pee Wee, all twenty plus pounds of him, is happily snoring away with his head pillowed on my shoes-(If he had been a girl we would have called him Imelda or Carrie. He so-o-o loves shoes!) The Grande dame is Tasha. She is the queen-no mistake about it. She is fifteen this summer and has to put up with the five year olds. The house runs smoothly as long as neither of the boys upsets the hierarchy. So for now it is only three-(not more), but you never know!

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Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

This was PURR-FECT. I use to have three kitties too. Two males and one female. One orange Tabby and one tuxedo. Now it's just my 15 year old diva...Angel (she's white).
She's just as spoiled as her mama (me).
Thanks for sharing your three kitties.

Thanks for coming by my humble blog. I hope you come by again.

Sweet wishes,