Sunday, July 27, 2008

Serendipity-Shared Ideas

By definition serendipity means: "the gift of making fortunate discoveries by accident ". I'd like to share some of my personal discoveries. Some I've learned from family or friends or even complete strangers. Some I've discovered through my own trial & error. Savor those sweet, simple moments that happen on even an ordinary day.

Don’t throw out those wine bottles!
Cleanse thoroughly & use to make your herb vinegars.* Decant large cans of olive oil for easier handling. Mix fragrant oil for dipping crusty bread. Use a clean cork available at most hardware or craft stores.

I like to use the empty bottles-especially the cobalt blue ones on my tables as centerpieces for outdoor parties. They look great with a single large bloom – especially a Dahlia, Hydrangea or Sunflower. Tie with a raffia bow, embellish with charms, buttons or shells. I found some stars & stripes ribbon at a local craft store for the 4th! For a wine-tasting party I leave the labels on.

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