Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July Picnic

Fourth of July Picnic – It didn’t rain on our parade today, though we had a back-up plan just in case. I woke up to skies of blue, had tea on the front porch & spent the day in a flurry of activity. Found the neatest old melamine plates at a thrift store to use instead of plastic throw-aways. Friends & family arrived with all sorts of delicious food & spirits. Everyone had a great time & we had way too much food. The girls (And some of the guys too!) loved the Frozen Raspberry Martinis-(my friend Shawn’s idea). We added the Raspberry Vodka for the adults only!

Berry Smoothies *Vodka Optional

2 cups frozen raspberries
2 cups crushed ice or 1 dozen ice cubes
¼ cup sugar
3 cups milk – (I used skim)
Place all ingredients into your blender and liquefy. Pour into martini glasses and whisk in 1 shot Raspberry Vodka. *Top with dollop whipped cream if desired & serve.

Another variation substitute equal amounts, red & black raspberries & blackberries-fresh or frozen & partially thawed. Whisk in one shot Black Current Vodka – mmmmm….

Musing for the day…
“Happiness is not solitary, but social; & so we can never have it without sharing it with others.” – Henry van Dyke

Didn’t the Hydrangeas turn out lovely?

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